Oi get your fucking skis off my snowboard

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Learning to Snowboard: Day 4

After a momentous day yesterday, today took a big dip when the weather turned incredibly cloudy/foggy. We had [...]


The European Bin Bag Game

As you may know, I’ve recently learned to snowboard with The Hofnar Experience. You can read more about [...]

Exercise Snowsports Travel

Learning to Snowboard: Day 3: CLICK!

We’ve been told that day 3 of learning to snowboard is the day when things start to click, [...]

Tibetan Cafe Giraffe

Exercise Snowsports Travel

Learning to Snowboard: Day 2: Out of the Nursery and in to the Fluff!

I’m not sure what is wrong with me. After our instructor, who it turns out is actually called [...]

Exercise Snowsports Travel

Learning to snowboard: Day 1: Falling leaf, sitting child

Last week I went away with the Hofnar Experience to learn to snowboard. I already ski to a [...]

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Apologies: Make Them

I’ve just made an apology to someone for something I said that I didn’t mean. It took me [...]

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Something Funny: Mila Kunis talks to Chris Stark off of the Scott Mills show on Radio 1

Hi all, I know you’ve probably all seen this, because as an audience you’re pretty up on the [...]

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Antonio Banderas Extra Chewing Gum Advert

Have you seen the new Extra chewing gum advert with Antonio Banderas?   Extra have had these little [...]


Internet Dating: Why the stigma has gone

Internet dating is big business, the stats speak for themselves really. The industry is worth $2 billion worldwide [...]

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Did Jeep get the Burger King Treatment on Twitter?

Another day, another hack. As I reported yesterday, Burger King got their Twitter account hacked, but appear to [...]