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The European Bin Bag Game

As you may know, I've recently learned to snowboard with The Hofnar Experience. You can read more about that here. Whilst away, my friend, Christie, introduced me to a new game. It sounded ridiculous, but is actually a [...]

Learning to Snowboard: Day 3: CLICK!

We've been told that day 3 of learning to snowboard is the day when things start to click, snowboarding wise and it really did. Today was probably the best day so far. I seem to be linking my [...]

Tibetan Cafe Giraffe

I’m not sure what is wrong with me. After our instructor, who it turns out is actually called ‘Charles’ expressly instructed us to get a good night’s sleep and stay off the alcohol, Christie and I stumbled in [...]

Last week I went away with the Hofnar Experience to learn to snowboard. I already ski to a moderate level and have wanted to learn to snowboard for a while now. So, I went away with my buddy, [...]

Apologies: Make Them

I've just made an apology to someone for something I said that I didn't mean. It took me almost a week to gear myself up to do this and I choked several times. But I didn't mean what [...]

Hi all, I know you've probably all seen this, because as an audience you're pretty up on the whole internet culture thing, but I've only just had the chance to see it and I thought it was brilliant. [...]

Antonio Banderas Extra Chewing Gum Advert

Have you seen the new Extra chewing gum advert with Antonio Banderas?   Extra have had these little food characters in their ads for a while now. Cute, ain't they? But am I supposed to believe that Antonio [...]

Internet Dating: Why the stigma has gone

Internet dating is big business, the stats speak for themselves really. The industry is worth $2 billion worldwide and apparently 17% of all marriages are from couples that have met online according to StatisticBrain. We’re all slowly beginning [...]

Did Jeep get the Burger King Treatment on Twitter?

Another day, another hack. As I reported yesterday, Burger King got their Twitter account hacked, but appear to have regained control and are up and running. Today, Jeep...odd!

Burger King’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Burger King's Twitter account was hacked today and was actually not taken down very quickly. Last time I checked, the account had been suspended. But when the hack account was still live, this is how it appeared. This [...]