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Laser Eye Surgery: Week 2

The second week after my laser eye surgery and I was starting to lament the lack of exercise and make-up.  I was actually rather surprised at how much it was getting me down. I'd regained all the weight [...]

2012: The Year of Unfortunate Choices

  I'm categorising this year as 'bad.' 2012 you weren't kind to me and I'm glad you're reaching your conclusion. However, you haven't been without a few redeeming features. You have taught me a lot with your wicked [...]

Ryan Gosling’s Abs, Ryan Reynolds’ Career & More

I don't normally comment on movie trailers, but I have a few too many comments on this trailer to post on my buddy's Facebook wall, so here's a trailer from the new Ryan Gosling film, The Place Beyond [...]

What a week?

It's been one hell of a week and I'm glad that I'm tucked up on the sofa with the fire on, a cup of tea, my laptop and my housemate soothingly banging about in the kitchen. I've worked [...]

I admit it! I am a dirty, filthy scheduled poster, whether it be on Facebook or Twitter, for work or myself, I create scheduled messages. Yes, if you weren't aware, you can schedule posts on Facebook for Facebook [...]

Christmas Adverts: Best of the Rest

Yesterday we took a look at the seasonal adverts on offer this year from UK breakdown providers. Today, let's take a look at what everyone else is using to shill their Christmas wares. I have to say, the [...]

Christmas Adverts: Battle of the Breakdown

When you think of Christmas adverts, the offerings of motoring breakdown providers probably don't spring to mind, yet the two major UK breakdown services have both made adverts for the season. On 5th November, RAC launched their Winter [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: Days 3 to 7

Three days after my laser eye surgery, I was down to only adding drops every 4 hours, which was a much better schedule. I managed to drive back to Cardiff on day 3. You can see my array [...]

Cyber Monday: Update: More Discounts

There are still a few discounts around for today only and you still have time to bag yourself a bargain. Here they are. 3 For 2 on TIGI Gift Sets, WIN an ipad Mini + FREE YSL Gift? [...]

Cyber Monday: Biggest Online Shopping Day

Christmas is definitely coming now. My birthday is over, so we can get this festive show on the road. Did you know that today is supposedly the biggest online shopping day before Christmas, so get clicking. Here are [...]