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#Fail Friday: Hell Pizza New Zealand

Hell Pizza ConfessionalOh dear, it’s Friday and I’ve found a pretty epic fail. I only saw it because I love Social Media and I love New Zealand, so naturally I follow Social Media NZ on Facebook. I’ve seen this on a couple of places on the internet, but I’m surprised it hasn’t become more prevalent.

Hell Pizza New Zealand, where Hell Pizza originated, has a weekly competition where you can confess your secrets and the best one each week wins a pizza or something…

Anyway, the one that won last week was pretty special. Please switch off now if you’re easily offended or possibly a little harder to offend. Here it is…

I once was at this party and saw this utter wanker, he passed out so I stuck a mask on and stuck my cock and balls in to his mouth until he woke up. To this day he still doesn’t know who it was, and gets shit for it all the time.

In true Social Media style, the subsequent comments ranged from congratulatory to appalled (you can read them all here), but while this thread was self moderating, a comment from Hell Pizza really was required as they were essentially highlighting and condoning sexual assault as was pointed out by more than one commentor.

Some time later Hell Pizza then posted this response (source: Jezebel)

Hey everyone, tonight we posted a fan’s confession seeing it in the spirit of a prank between mates. Once we understood that offence had been taken and saw the bad light the post could be seen in we removed it, and we apologise to those offended. Lesson learned.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that it’ difficult to see the good light in this particular ‘prank’ and, indeed, the publication of it. This weak apology was not enough to silence many of the offended, of which there were many.

Ultimately, a more sincere apology was posted with the promise to donate 10,000NZD (£5,144) to the Wellington Rape Crisis charity, with a further commitment to match all donations made before the end of the month. This gesture came on the back of suggestions made on Facebook.

While this incident showed a massive error in judgement from the Community Manager, I think they eventually handled this in an appropriate manner. This has clearly cost them financially, but will raised awareness of unacceptable conduct and sexual abuse, plus the Wellington Rape Crisis charity, which will hopefully remain funded, as it is currently struggling. It has also raised awareness of Hell Pizza, which is branching out to become an international brand. I’m not suggesting this was a planned stunt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this also benefits the brand ultimately.

You can make a donation to Wellington Rape Crisis here.

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My car got broken in to!

Broken in to Renault Clio Car

I know I should be posting a Twitter cheatsheet today, but my life kind of got in the way. Sorry, it’s coming soon!

For all you that moan about how bloggers just write about how fabulously glossy and lustrous their life is, my car got broken in to. So there, my life sucks as hard as everyone else’s! Although, actually it doesn’t.

Yes, my car got broken in to and I’m a little sad that they stole my mix CDs, my broken iTrip and a coat I bought from eBay for a tenner. I’m OK about the £75 excess on my insurance to replace the broken glass, because Autoglass gave me a free windscreen last week and the man from RAC fixed my tyre valve for free, I’m not happy about the additional expenditure for the bent window seal, but you know, I’ll be OK and here’s why:

  • When it happened, I was most likely in the pub with my buddies or asleep – two things I’d rather be doing than breaking in to cars
  • I have a replacement coat, CDs and I need a new iTrip
  • I am fortunate enough to be able to absorb the cost of repairs. I’d rather be buying shoes, but I won’t go hungry
  • I am fortunate enough that I have never been desperate enough to resort to crime
  • I am super lucky that I have friends that will drop everything to come and be practical for me when I’m upset that my car’s been broken in to
  • I am also pretty smug that I recognise my taste in music is so unappealing that the net result for the person who robbed my car has probably actually resulted in a negative

It’s not an optimal situation. I’m not so fairies and rainbows that I can look at this and think ‘awesome, shiny new window and less stuff to have to cart around in my car,’ but I’m not going to lose sleep or feel sad about it. I am a strong believer that as long as everyone’s healthy and alive, everything else can be sorted out. I also believe it’s not what happens to you in life that you should be judged by, but how you deal with it.

I’ve spent this evening drinking cava, eating cheeseballs and watching a programme about gypsies. I wonder if the people that smashed my windows spent it listening to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. Fingers crossed!

FYI My deadlock works a charm, hence the two broken windows, not just one!


This week the follow has happened

  • My mum joined Twitter (and my boss started following her) – She’s @MissDigwell btw!
  • Some people freaked out over a tweet, one tweet, that had no retweets and no replies
  • My lovely librarian friend, Tash, asked me how to get started on Twitter for her library

So for all the above reasons, I’ve decided I need to help people better understand Twitter. If you’ve got it down, awesome. But I hear people moan a fair bit about how they don’t ‘get’ Twitter and I hate explaining it when I’m not in front of a computer.

“I said TweetDECK not twee.. oh, forget it!”

I’m going to have you tweeting like a pro in no time or at least have you feel more comfortable about it. Keep tuned.


So, it’s been a while since I actually filmed, edited and uploaded a video to YouTube. Honestly, I have not idea how other people do it and what programmes they are using because my process seems so laborious that I’m surprised YouTube is displaying so many additional hours of footage each day.

Anyway, without further ado, he’s the video I made. It general and loose theme is about how people rant using Social Media (including me). If you want to know my other opinions on how Social Media is changing the way we complain, you can read more here or if you’d like to know about other Social Media tantrums, hit up this link.

And one more time, I’m on Facebook y’all. Come over and join me!


Best Wedding Dance Ever – 9 decades of music

I stumbled across this today on YouTube as it was posted by the man who does Social Media Banking. I was in touch with him a while ago when I was first interested in Social Media and working in the banking industry (stands to reason really).

Anyway, it looks like he got married and did this as his wedding dance. It’s pretty cool and looks like it required a lot of commitment to pull off, so let’s hope it sets a precident for their marriage.

Congratulations Katie and Christophe


All I want to do is sit down and write…

OK, so the title statement isn’t completely true. I wish I could spend more time exercising too and watching YouTube videos, but I am acutely aware that I have so, so many draft posts that need completing.

I can’t promise I’ll be able to write more. Since starting my new job, I spend a lot more time geeking out on all things Social Media, not to mention taking on the burgeoning trend for Mobile Marketing.

I’m trying to think of better ways to optimise my time. If you have any hints or tips, please let my know.

I think one thing I do really need to attempt is being more focussed; completing a post once it’s started and then just putting it out there, quick and dirty style.

We’ll see how it all goes.


Sorry I’ve been away…

Yes, folks, it’s one of those posts where I apologise for being rubbish! I’ve been super busy with work recently, with Saturday just gone being my first day off in 12. I’m not complaining though. I’m still pretty smug about my job, I love it!

In the little down time I’ve had, I’ve been reading 50 Shades of Grey along with a large proportion of the female adult population of the world probably. I’ve just finished the first installment and it was, quite literally, an anti-climax. I don’t know if I’m particularly mucky or particularly unshockable, but really, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. If I’d known that poorly written soft porn could make me a millionnaire, I think I could have left behind my aforementioned job and got typing!

Anyway, I’m thinking about redesigning my blog. I’ve realised I have soem quite distinct categories on here and I don’t want to give up any of them, so the new design will hopefully enable you to jump straight to the area you’re interested in, whether that be Digital Marketing and Social Media, Dating and Relationships, Exercise or anything else.

I’m not completely sure what design I’ll be using or how it’ll work, but it will hopefully help you out.

Anyway, I have almost 100 draft articles to finish for you lovely readers, so I better snap to it.


Why have your Facebook friends just jumped up?

You may have noticed recently that your Facebook friends have increased in number. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you haven’t just become inexplicably more popular.

The new, higher number now actually includes some deactivated friend. Here’s what Zuckerberg, or one of his friends or just someone at Facebook had to say about it:

We recently changed the way we count the number of people you are friends with to include some accounts that are not currently active on the service. It is important to note, that while we are showing different counts, no additional user information will be available. Due to our internal infrastructure we can provide an even faster experience for those that use our service by showing these modified counts.

The rationale behind this is that you can now go and unfriend these people to avoid any chance of security leaks.

Those deactivated, disengaged with Facebook ‘friends,’ if you can still call them that after abandoning Facebook, are quite easy to identify in your friends list. They are the ones without a face in their profile picture.

How deactivated Facebook friends appear in your friends listOnce you’ve found them, you then have the opportunity to unfriend them and they’ll be gone forever.

Hope this helped solved a mystery.

Remember, I have a Facebook page for this blog here, so you can get your updates in to your Facebook newsfeed, which I think you might enjoy.


RSS App for Facebook: Test 2 – RSS Graffiti

Sorry to keep posting like this, but I found another app that had a higher usage on it, so wanted to try that. It’s called RSS Graffiti.

It seems to have more options, but no save button, no can’t be sure it’s actually doing anything until I post again. Sorry folks!

I’ll write more later, when I’m not at work (though all this testing is in fact for the company RSS feed on Twitter).

Remember, you can see my blog Facebook page here. Get involved! It’s where I test stuff, so you might find it useful!

Oh, picture, just to see how it appears.

Cow kitten raccoonThat’s a Cow Kitten Raccoon, BTW!


RSS app for Facebook Pages: Test

Hi all,

As I continue to explore Social Media and the cans and can’ts intricacies of Facebook policy, I’m learning out more and more about apps, amongst other things. I’ll be writing more about that in a bit, but for now, I’ve just installed an RSS app on my blog Facebook page and wanted to test it, hence this post.

You can check out the results here and like the page if you want to.

It was super easy to set up, so I hope that it works alright!

I used RSS for pages, as this app had the most users, though there are multiple available. I just wanted a simple solution. I’m not sure if other RSS apps do anything more fancy. Will investigate.