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This seems like a good topic for a Sunday night, as Monday morning approaches and you're facing another week at work. I've had jobs I didn't like. Some of them I powered on through and they got better, [...]

Spending today in London, I picked up a copy of the Evening Standard for the way home and was naturally drawn to an article by Rosamund Urwin about how Facebook is running short of users. The article, Facebook [...]

Sherry Daiquiri

Ever needed a cocktail recipe for the left over Christmas sherry? Well, I might just have one for you. Meet the Sherry Daiquiri! I'm trying to sell my house at the moment, which means I have to clear [...]

Welcome Canadians

I've noticed there are a fair few Canadians visiting my website, which is great news, but I'm a little intrigued as to why. So, if you're Canadian, leave me a message. I've always wanted to visit Canada so [...]

Laser Eye Surgery: Week 2

The second week after my laser eye surgery and I was starting to lament the lack of exercise and make-up.  I was actually rather surprised at how much it was getting me down. I'd regained all the weight [...]

2012: The Year of Unfortunate Choices

  I'm categorising this year as 'bad.' 2012 you weren't kind to me and I'm glad you're reaching your conclusion. However, you haven't been without a few redeeming features. You have taught me a lot with your wicked [...]

Ryan Gosling’s Abs, Ryan Reynolds’ Career & More

I don't normally comment on movie trailers, but I have a few too many comments on this trailer to post on my buddy's Facebook wall, so here's a trailer from the new Ryan Gosling film, The Place Beyond [...]

What a week?

It's been one hell of a week and I'm glad that I'm tucked up on the sofa with the fire on, a cup of tea, my laptop and my housemate soothingly banging about in the kitchen. I've worked [...]

I admit it! I am a dirty, filthy scheduled poster, whether it be on Facebook or Twitter, for work or myself, I create scheduled messages. Yes, if you weren't aware, you can schedule posts on Facebook for Facebook [...]

Christmas Adverts: Best of the Rest

Yesterday we took a look at the seasonal adverts on offer this year from UK breakdown providers. Today, let's take a look at what everyone else is using to shill their Christmas wares. I have to say, the [...]