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Why I reduced my pension contributions

I wasn't sure whether or not to publish this, as with so much of my writing, but after reading about Frugal Dad dropping out of his contributions, I decided my decision was not as frivolous as I'd first [...]

Lazy Girl

I haven't been blogging much recently, have I? Only I actually have, but I haven't published much because it's either needed links, photos, editing or was just a little too personal, so has been sent to the deepest [...]

Love Label Discount – Friday 9th December, 9am

Listen up, kids! Love Label have a pretty special discount offer tomorrow (Friday 9th September), but you'll have to be quick if you want to take advantage of it. I really like Love. Some of there dresses are [...]

This passed weekend I ran the British Heart Foundation Santa Jog with my big brother, Chris. You could either run 3km or 6km, though someone decided to sprint the route 3 times, racking up 9km. We went for [...]

Affiliate Links: Durex

I like to think I've been pretty open about the fact that I use affiliate links on my blogs. You readers don't have to click  them, but if you do and then you buy something, I make a [...]

BuyaPowa: Benefit’s Pore-fessional £17

I went to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham on Friday, with my ever patient sister-in-law. I trawled all the stands, whilst she held my bags - bless her! Anyway, she was raving about Pore-fessional by Benefit, which [...]

We're all trying to save money, right? Well, I've been looking at a lot of clothes lately and discovered that there are some cheaper imitations of some pretty sexy styles available. Over the next few days,  I'll be [...]


I can't focus today. It's 2 days until my birthday, I have a million and one things going round in my head and I'm excited. I'm going to be 28. Nothing significant, but I still get excited about [...]

I had a date the other night and I kind of said I wouldn't write about it. People don't like being written about. Maybe they always assume it will be negative. I haven't written about any of the [...]

Your Superpowers

What if for every fault or flaw you had you were balanced out with some kind of enhanced ability in another area? Is this plausible? My friend has had a rather extensive list of health problems, which have [...]