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This is a quick video discussing my preparations for the Cardiff Clothes Sale.

Until midday on 4th Oct, discount tickets will be available from WelshDeals.com

A few tables left at Cardiff Clothes Sale

ACA Photography (Amy Stillwell)

A1 Embroidery, Cardiff

Ingrid’s Blog, Sweet and Wild


Reminder – Cardiff Clothes Sale

I’m all about the Cardiff Clothes Sale this week as it’s only a week away. So, I thought show you what I’d been doing for it.

Until midday on Tuesday 4th October, WelshDeals.com have a special deal offering 2 x entry tickets to the Cardiff Clothes Sale for £2 (saving up to £4).

The event takes place on Sunday 9th October at Park Plaza Hotel, Cardiff.

Help promote this event and get the chance to win BooHoo.com goodies.

Check out this for more details.


Until midday on Tuesday 4th October, WelshDeals.com have a special deal offering 2 x entry tickets to the Cardiff Clothes Sale for £2 (saving up to £4).

The event takes place on Sunday 9th October at Park Plaza Hotel, Cardiff.

Help promote this event and get the chance to win BooHoo.com goodies.

Check out this for more details.



One Day by David Nicholls

Several people waxed lyrical to me about how amazing the book One Day by David Nicholls is. I thought it was OK. I don’t read much fiction on account of not having time and when I do I like a book that makes me cry. With this book, I felt that the concept of only looking at a snap shot of the characters’ lives on the same day each year felt gimmicky and it meant that a lot of emotion was missed. It was also felt too coincidental by the end that so many significant events had happened on that same date.

I took one thing from the book though and if you haven’t read it and want to, then maybe you should stop reading this right now, but it was that letter Dexter wrote to Emma whilst he was in Asia; the letter that he wrote when a little drunk, asking her to come out and visit him, travel with him, quit her job; the letter that was never sent because he lost it and someone else found it and it was never forwarded. It represents a missed opportunity. The missed expression of emotion. On one hand it felt like they also missed years of their life together by this letter remaining unreceived, but the optimistic view and the one that I maintain is that even though they missed this one instance, they ultimately ended up together.

I can’t be completely certain that some things are meant to be, but I really hope this is the case.


Hangover Day

Thursday 29th September

Today was a hangover day. Yesterday was volunteering day. Oh, what will tomorrow hold?

Cat on toilet

I’ve found the best cure for hangovers is staying in bed all day watching One Tree Hill, Scrubs or more recently, Franklin & Bash. Failing that, a banana and a pint of half diet coke and half water.

However, being the disorganised mid-week drinker that I am, I had neither banana or diet coke. So I knocked back a Berocca and headed for work.

If I don’t get the option to remain in bed all day, I let myself pretty much eat what I want. I needed to be in work today, my boss gets kind of funny about me not turning up, so I ate some toast and then headed in. There was a lot of food left over from the volunteering day yesterday and every time I walked passed the table with the food on I had something. It was a pretty carb heavy day:

  • 2 x welsh cakes
  • 1 x penguin
  • 1 x bag of steak McCoys crisps
  • 2 x  apples
  • 2 x tiny box of raisins
  • 1 x 2 days passed use by date moussaka veg pot
  • 2 x cheese and onion rolls
  • 1/2 can Oxtail soup (that stuff is a poor man’s beef soup, why did they discontinue the beef soup?)
  • There was also a lot of coffee…

I’m kind of lucky in that I don’t get awful hangovers (unless I’ve eaten nasty take away pizza, with a load of cheap cheese on it to compliment the booze). Today, I’m just tired with this pleasant woozy feeling, that I enjoy a lot more when I’m not sat in an open plan office trying to understand some new product deployment process.

There was a definitely plan to go to the gym today too. It’s not going to happen.

How do your hangovers play out? What are your hangover cures?


2011: An Early Review

I know it’s not the end of the year, but I don’t think we have to pass some kind of an official calendar landmark in order to look back and evaluate.

So, this year started really badly. I failed 2 modules of my CIM Post-Grad, I had a really bad first quarter at work, then the realisation that a relationship that never really got off the ground was never going to, oh, and my ex, who I’d managed to stay in touch with for the best part of 6 years, decided to cut me off – ouch!

The odd thing was, it didn’t feel so bad and here is why…

I decided to leave the CIM course. I wasn’t the only one, though a couple of my friends on the course have just completed it and I am very proud and happy for them. They worked ridiculously hard, forfeiting their social lives to get their Post-grad. They were already great Marketers though and will continue to be. Caroline is about to embark on her own business and Ingrid has a mouth-watering new cookery blog. Congratulations!

One Tree Hill can actually be pretty inspiring sometimes (yes, really) and I have just heard the quote from Clay to Nathan’s lecturer

“You’re teaching theory, while I’m living practice.”

After failing my CIM, I decided to give up the theory route in favour of practice. In May I booked a function room at the Park Plaza, Cardiff and set about organising the Cardiff Clothes Sale, which I mentioned yesterday. I’ve learned more about Digital Marketing in 5 months, than I did in 18 months of studying for my Post-Grad. As nervous as I am about the event, I’m also pretty excited. Jonah Hill recently said this in an interview and it really resonated with me.

Jonah Hill on whether he is nervous about unveiling his new project:

No! F&$# being nervous, man! It’s amazing! If you believe in it, who cares? It’s so easy to judge stuff, but, you know, put stuff out there! When Conan left NBC, he gave this beautiful last speech on his show. I literally was crying, because it was, “Don’t be a judgmental asshole. Put something out there, and then even if everybody hates it and it sucks, you say, ‘Okay, I’ve got something else — how about this?’” It’s so easy to judge. So I’d rather put myself out there and be judged than be too scared to put anything out there.

So there we go, I’m putting myself out there and I am nervous and it is scary, but it’s definitely better than not having a go.

The relationship that never got off the ground. Yeah, played that out all wrong. My analysis of the situation leaves me concluding that we were trying to act like what we thought a couple should be rather than what we would have been comfortable being. The perils of trying to attach labels. Luckily, though I think it’s more effort than luck, we’re still friends. I don’t mean that we’re civil when we see each other; he’s one of my best friends; random ‘in’ jokes, long rambling, non-sensical emails, spontaneous confectionary purchases, all the stuff I look for in a friend and how often does that happen? Not really much to complain about there apart from the lack of…

…On to work. The first quarter of the year at work hit me hard. I was out of my depth, yet still surprisingly cocky. I failed to get a job that really should have had my name written all over it and I was slowly demolishing my relationship with my actually rather impressive line manager. It was him that managed to get me to turn things around. He rapidly realigned my priorities and changed what I was working on. My work became more structured, I was forced to engage with new stakeholders and meet deadlines. Since then I’ve had a couple of good quarters. Though they’re restructuring again at work, so I might not have a job come Monday; I’ve been dealing with that situation too.

As for my ex, well, that kind of hurt my feelings. Actually, I’m fine about it, I just wanted an excuse to throw in this video. Classic Flight of the Conchords.


So, the year to date could have been pretty gloomy, but I’ve been open to asking for help and letting people help me. I’ve tried to be less all-or-nothing with my relationships and being grateful for even the smallest bits of kindness and fun. I’ve worked harder, whilst cutting my losses on other things. No, not everything is perfect, but it’s so far from being imperfect that I’m allowing myself a little smugness tonight, but not for too long.



Cardiff Clothes Sale

Why have I been so quiet of late? The title says it all! If you’ve spoken to me in the last few weeks, you’ll know about this, but if you haven’t I’m telling you now.

I’m running an event in Cardiff on Sunday 9th October at Park Plaza Hotel. The event is the Cardiff Clothes Sale. The concept is that people, mainly women, will bring along unwanted, but still good quality clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, anything you might wear and other people will come along and buy these things.

I hope this will work better than a car-boot sale because the audience should be more discerning, therefore attendees can expect higher quality goods and sellers can hopefully achieve slightly higher prices. I’m trying to bring the right audiences together. This is also better than eBay if you have a lot to sell, because it’s less laborious and the fee is fixed; a flat rate of £10 and you can sell as much as you want (or £3 entry to buy as much as you want).

I have a real mix of sellers, so there should be a good variety of items to buy. I know that I have so much stuff myself.

Check out CardiffClothesSale.co.uk for more details and spread the word.

Cardiff Clothes SaleThanks. x


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Saturday Superstar: Stephen Gook

A bit of an odd choice, you may think, for today’s Saturday Superstar, but this is my buddy and one of my favourite people, Stephen, Steve, Gook – I’m sure many people know him by many names, but I wanted to recognise him today because yesterday he left his job and on Tuesday he moves back home to Brisbane, Australia.

Stephen Gook

Stephen is an entertainer. He recently wowed a crowd on unsuspecting individuals at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury, London, at their monthly Indieoke night, with an extraordinary rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’d upload the video, but I’m not sure you’re ready for it’s awesomeness.

He’s also got me  through some pretty annoying, stressful and difficult times at work with his practical and direct advice. Plus, he’s sent me some of the funniest, smartest emails I’ve ever received, bring consistent comic relief to otherwise mundane days.

Did I mention that last summer he created a new cocktail in celebration of the Football World Cup in South Africa, named after the sound that became synonymous with the event, that of the vuvuzela? It was called the Woo Woo Sailor, made with Sailor Jerry’s and fruit juice. He can also happily eat 4 McDonald’s cheeseburgers in quick succession and provide amusing commentary regarding his night bus journey home after a night out.

Anyway, he’s heading back to Australia, after officially becoming a Pom and embracing the British culture of binge drinking and commenting regularly on the weather. Along with his lovely wife, Bek, he will become a parent in a few months, which is obviously super exciting stuff.

So Stephen, thanks for the memories. It’s been pretty amazing. Keep in touch, chief!

FYI He can wear the hell out of a blazer, like a boss!


Before normal service resumes…

I know I’ve been a little lax of late, but I do have good reason. MY BIG BROTHER GOT MARRIED!

Yep, after 6 years of being together and 2 years of engagment, my brother made an honest woman of his girlfriend, Anne and now they are Mr & Mrs Darby. They are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Italy.

Here they are below with their guinea pigs, Poppy & Daisy.Chris & AnneSo, we’ve now got a new Darby and I’m connected to this whole other family – pretty exciting, huh? (She has 3 brothers who are a lot of fun!)

Anne bought us a cake decorating course for when they return from honeymoon and I’m really looking forward to spending more time with her.

They are a wonderful couple and I am extremely happy for them.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. There have been a few other things too, but they are for other blog posts. I hope to start posting a little more regularly after the 9th October.

Congratulations, Chris and Anne!


‘Are you OK?’ Day

Today is Thursday, but as well as that, it’s ‘are you OK?’ day.

This idea was brought to my attention by Checks & Spots. The concept is simple. On a Thursday, you reach out to someone you care about, or even just someone who looks like they’re struggling a bit, and ask them if they are OK. In the time it takes for you to maybe have a coffee or relaxing cup if tea with them, you can have a quick chat and see if there is anything you can help them with or just offer a bit of support and empathy in order to try to stop little problems becoming big ones.

Gavin Larkin founded this idea after his father, Barry, took his life at 55.

It’s a very rare occasion, but I am with my dad today. I am working from home (my mum’s home) and he is working from Birmingham in the UK, which coincidentally is the same house (he normally resides in Kenya). So I took the opportunity to check in on him. Apart from a little gout, I’m happy to report that he is doing pretty well. His oldest offspring, my brother, gets married on Saturday, he’s happily making me coffee and his projects abroad all seem to be flying. He’s super excited about them.

It was good to double check he’s alright though. Will get mum later too and maybe my brother and his wife-to-be as I’m seeing them this evening.

So, are you OK?

Feel free to drop me an email any time at Pose83@hotmail.com if you’re feeling a bit rubbishy.