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Karrimor Xlite Headband in fluorescent yellow

2016 Fitness Resolutions & Goals

It's a new year and after getting the fitness bug last year and losing a stone, it's time to get my fitness up again after the Christmas gluttony and nail it this year. Here's the plan:Lead healthier and [...]

Fit Body Bootcamp End of Year Review 2015 [Video]

Toni, one of the co-owners of Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) Birmingham asked us to record ourselves answering some questions about the year and the gym, so naturally, I lit my room and started rolling. It sounds so [...]

4 of the Best Kiwi Horror Films for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, I'm sure you're all making your decisions regarding which horror films you're going to be watching and giving careful consideration for the national origin of such films. Well, allow me to recommend some Kiwi horrors [...]

A Little Motivation: Resisting the Muffin

There is a girl at work who is younger than me and has an incredible figure. I assumed the reason she has an incredible figure is that she is younger than me. I'm guessing she's about 23, you [...]

My New Way Of Life

My boyfriend put his arms around me this evening and exclaimed 'you feel thinner!' That felt good! I am half a stone thinner, which is no mean feat, but I'm also leaner, less fat, more muscle. As my [...]

Now I'm heading in to week two, I thought I should give you a little update about how I'm getting on. I'm 5lb down in terms of weight loss and my body fat is down too, according to [...]

If I can nail the early morning work outs, I think I'll have this exercise programme licked. So, today I got up super early to get to the 6:25am. Mmm,

Yesterday was wretched, I felt wretched and I even wretched a bit! Today the programme was so much better. I tried the blended coffee and it created a thick, coconut latte. It was a little oily, but I [...]

I'm awake and I'm hungry. Ergh! Right, I've just made my breakfast of smoked salmon omelette (2 eggs) with spinach and chucked it in this funky pot which should keep it warm until I get to work. 9:00am [...]

I’m at the start of my 6 week body transformation programme and I’m nervous. The intensity and frequency of exercise (30 solid minutes at least 3 times per week) is scary, as are the menu options. However, I’ve [...]