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Hit Base

I found the hostel and it was not too hard actually. Pretty impressed with myself. They are showing the England match. I am glad about that. I have located my room and had a much needed shower and [...]

Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong and shattered, plus in desperate need of a shower. There seem to be a lot of people in the same boat of me. A lot of girls travelling alone. I now have changed seat on [...]

The Littlest Jobo

I still have not left, but I promise, I will be out of the country at about noon tomorrow. The main thing I am worried about it forgetting something. I am shocked and impressed that I seem to [...]

One Week To Go

So, I thought I would crack on with this travel log, as I have promised to send the link to several people, which I have now done. Thought it could be slightly dull and less likely people would [...]