Cape Tribulation

Cape TribulationCape Tribulation, Australia Cape Tribulation, Australia Typed from notes made on 20/07/06. I am sitting on Cape [...]

Fraser Island

I am writing this entry on 19/07/06, but wanted to maintain chronological order, so have set a different [...]


CairnsCairns, Australia Cairns, Australia I have arrived in Cairns after flying from Brisbane, which is, to be honest, [...]

Fraser Island / Hervey Bay

Fraser Island / Hervey BayFraser Island, Australia Fraser Island, Australia I am writing this entry on 19/07/06, but [...]


NoosaNoosa, Australia Noosa, Australia I’m in Noosa now. It’s like Byron, but dull. Luckily met a guy called [...]

Salty Jo’s Sea Show

Salty Jo's Sea ShowByron Bay, Australia Byron Bay, Australia I’ve been in the sea everyday for the passed [...]

Byron Bay

Byron BayByron Bay, Australia Byron Bay, Australia

Leaving Sydney

Leaving SydneySydney, Australia Sydney, Australia I think I have done everything I wanted to do in Sydney and [...]


SydneySydney, Australia Sydney, Australia So I’ve been a bit lazy thus far and now I’m raising my game [...]

Fairy Penguins

Fairy PenguinsMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia I am STILL in Melbourne, but I am leaving within the next 48 [...]