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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean RoadMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia This entry should be more visual, but because I can't upload photos, it is not yet. Today I toured the Great Ocean Road which runs from Melbourne to Adelaide a long the [...]

Quick one

Quick oneMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia I'm off to bed in a minute because I have an early morning. But just wanted to note before I went that I actaully heard someone use the word 'bogan' in conversation today, [...]

Straight to Gaol

Straight to GaolMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia Last night I was still showing commitment to the "getting drunk before bed will cure jet lag plan." So far I have not benefitted from this regime and the side effects resulted [...]

The Ritz

The RitzMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia Yesterday I moved hostels to The Ritz (for Backpackers) on Christie's recommendation after being turfed out of The Base for not checking out on time, even though they did not tell me what [...]

Hit Base

Hit BaseMelbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia I found the hostel and it was not too hard actually. Pretty impressed with myself. They are showing the England match. I am glad about that. I have located my room and had [...]

Hong Kong

Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong I am in Hong Kong and shattered, plus in desperate need of a shower. There seem to be a lot of people in the same boat of me. A [...]

The Littlest Jobo

The Littlest JoboSutton Coldfield, United Kingdom Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom I still have not left, but I promise, I will be out of the country at about noon tomorrow. The main thing I am worried about it forgetting [...]

One week to go

One week to goSutton Coldfield, United Kingdom Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom So, I thought I would crack on with this travel log, as I have promised to send the link to several people, which I have now done. [...]