Birmingham Half Marathon: First Training Run


I haven’t written much about my Milton Keynes half yet for no other reason than lack of time, so I also haven’t img_20160627_000242.jpgwritten about my injury or subsequent physiotherapy sessions.

You will have to be patient I am afraid. My little post today is solely to document my first training run back after aforementioned injury.

I ran a 5k obstacle race last weekend, but I am not really counting that.

My stamina is shot, my knees are tight and I am really, really looking forward to getting my level of fitness back, but for today, these are my stats:

Date: Sunday 26/06/16
Distance: 1.16 miles (standard route)
Time: 13:54
Speed: 11:57 / mile
Calories: 113

I’m not even passing comment on this other than to say that the first is always the worst.

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