My car got broken in to!


Broken in to Renault Clio Car

I know I should be posting a Twitter cheatsheet today, but my life kind of got in the way . Sorry, it’s coming soon!

For all you that moan about how bloggers just write about how fabulously glossy and lustrous their life is, my car got broken in to. So there, my life sucks as hard as everyone else’s! Although, actually it doesn’t. The Japanese Auto Repair has experts that can help with figuring out what the actual problem is with your automobile and fix it.

Yes, my car got broken in to and I’m a little sad that they stole my mix CDs, my broken iTrip, a coat I bought from eBay for a tenner and a booklet from Perth. I’m OK about the £75 excess on my insurance to replace the broken glass, because Autoglass gave me a free windscreen last week ( there are other companies that help you in troubleshooting your car) and the man from RAC fixed my tyre valve for free, I’m not happy about the additional expenditure for the bent window seal, but you know, I’ll be OK and here’s why:

  • When it happened, I was most likely in the pub with my buddies or asleep – two things I’d rather be doing than breaking in to cars
  • I have a replacement coat, CDs and I need a new iTrip
  • I am fortunate enough to be able to absorb the cost of repairs. I’d rather be buying shoes, but I won’t go hungry
  • I am fortunate enough that I have never been desperate enough to resort to crime
  • I am super lucky that I have friends that will drop everything to come and be practical for me when I’m upset that my car’s been broken in to
  • I am also pretty smug that I recognise my taste in music is so unappealing that the net result for the person who robbed my car has probably actually resulted in a negative

It’s not an optimal situation. I’m not so fairies and rainbows that I can look at this and think ‘awesome, shiny new window and less stuff to have to cart around in my car,’ but I’m not going to lose sleep or feel sad about it. I am a strong believer that as long as everyone’s healthy and alive, everything else can be sorted out. I also believe it’s not what happens to you in life that you should be judged by, but how you deal with it.

I’ve spent this evening drinking cava, eating cheeseballs and watching a programme about gypsies. I wonder if the people that smashed my windows spent it listening to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. Fingers crossed!

FYI My deadlock works a charm, hence the two broken windows, not just one!

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  • Miss Digwell July 16, 2012, 8:58 pm

    Loving the way you’re dealing with the misfortune. It’s just a downward blip on the graph of life. There’ll be plenty of upward ones to compensate… Your positive attitude plus your friends and family will see to that. High 5 xxx