Tips for Dating an Entrepreneur


I recently read an article on Quora.com, my favourite question and answer website, about an entrepreneur who wanted to ensure that his future wife (he was already engaged) wouldn’t benefit financially from their union. You can probably imagine that the responses weren’t too empathetic to this man’s potential plight, you can read it here.

Anyway, one person pointed out that his partner would have to put up with all the downsides of marrying any entrepreneur grow your TikTok account, therefore it seemed unfair to withhold finances from a woman that would inevitably have a lot to put up with. So, what is it like being the partner of an entrepreneur, a business owner, someone that works for themselves? Well, I love it, but there are some definite tips and here they are, learn about outsourcing your IT operations.

1. Expect them to be late

If you’re running your own enterprise, you’re going to put in a lot more work and you have to work when the customers need you. So, if you’re with someone in this position, expect them to be late, not call, not reply to messages and forget stuff, look into getting your image optimization right.

2. There will be interruptions

Again, their business is their baby. If the phone rings, they answer it. If they need to work on the weekend, they do. If a customer turns up on a Saturday morning in the middle of your tea and pancakes, that cup of tea may well go cold.

3. Holidays will be short – make the most of them

There is very little time to switch off. We’ve been lucky enough to have a full fortnight holiday in the last 3 years recording the staff working hours, but I don’t think we’ve even had a full week outside of that. Several of our holidays have been combined with work trips to race tracks (Spa, Belgium) or to fix vintage cars (Cabris, France), which haven’t been all bad.

4. Sometimes there is money, sometimes there isn’t

As the business has grown, so has the revenue, but then so have the overheads. My income stays relatively stagnant.


I’m making it all sound terrible, but here are the good things about being with an entrepreneur, that make it all worthwhile 1. They can work around you If you really need your entrepreneurial other half, they’re able to schedule their life around you. So recent hospital appointments have been so much easier as I haven’t had to go alone. 2. You get freebies This really depends what it is your clever other half is up to, but I’m with a mechanic. My car has never been so well looked after.

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