Your Superpowers


What if for every fault or flaw you had you were balanced out with some kind of enhanced ability in another area? Is this plausible? Super Hero

My friend has had a rather extensive list of health problems, which have never been fathomed, yet he has the incredible ability to retain information. He has learned to do more things than I think he should conceivably been able to learn in his life to date, but when presented with tasks he proports he can accomplish, he does, every time, though he can be a little smug about it (flaw).

Sometimes we have a tendancy to dwell on our weaknesses and allow them to hold us back. But maybe if we thought about our opposing strengths more, we could achieve and do more.

What are your superhuman abilities? Care to share any?

Though it may not always appear the case from my writing, I actually have a bizarre spelling, punctuation and grammar ability, to the extent where my boss trusts me more than Spell Check. I’m also very, very good at recalling 80s kids TV themes.

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