Lana Del Rey: Music to kill yourself by?


I knew this would happen. I wanted to write about how much I didn’t understand the Lana Del Rey phenomenon, but thought I should at least listen to one of her songs in full before commenting on my blog. So I headed on over to YouTube and checked out her video for Born To Die and changed my opinion.

I’m glad I saw the video. I listened to the lyrics and I watched Lana in her home recording studio. I thought she would be the drippy, wet, sighing type of girl, but she conjures some pretty rebellious, sarcastic, indifferent facial expressions, which I hadn’t anticipated.

I still think the melody is music to slit your wrists by, but the lyrics are interesting and exciting and but who doesn’t love a duo of well-trained tigers, some old school architecture and flaming imaginary.

Still don’t like ‘Video Games’ though.

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