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Sunday Superstar: Christopher Darby

Yes, it’s this guy again…

Chris Darby BUPA RunThis is his second time as a superstar this year (that I’ve written about). He’s having a hell of a year! I would like a little sympathy for having such an over-achiever as a big brother, but it’s pretty awesome too.

Today, Chris ran the Bupa Great Birmingham Run. I assume the ‘great’ is in reference to the scale of the run as opposed to Birmingham, because it’s a pretty rubbishy city! I’m kiddin’ before you jump to it’s defense. I love that place. Anyway, it’s a 20km/13.1 mile run. It’s worth noting that Chris, in previous years, has suffered with shin splints, he also just spend 10 days on honeymoon filling up on gelato in Venice and Rome. This was his first official distance run and he finished with the time of


Pretty impressive huh? And that’s my big brother! Bet you wish you had a brother like this.

I’m bragging now, but I’m super proud. Not so happy about the suggestion of me running it next year, but maybe. I’ll leave you with a picture of the champion, some tin foil and his medal.

Chris Darby Winner


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