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customer service

Oh Sainsbury’s, we were getting on so well when we were chatting on Twitter the other week. Earlier in the week at a Sainsbury’s store in Brighton a lesbian couple were asked to leave after another customer complained about [...]

Twitter Chat with Sainsbury’s

I'm converted! Grocery shopping is an unnecessary evil of the modern world and I've become increasingly infuriated with Asda's poor fruit and veg quality (mouldy lemons, peppers that looks like a spider has been living inside them, squishy [...]

The Twitter Full Stop / Period – who knew?

Have you heard about the Twitter full stop or period (dependent on where you live) that can alter who sees your reply tweets? Well if you haven't, you're not alone. I claim to have an interest in Social [...]

If you're in to Social Media, you'll have struggled to avoid discovering the Social Media meltdown that was Amy's Baking Company a few weeks ago, but if you're not busying yourself with Social Media, as often as I [...]

So, it's been a while since I actually filmed, edited and uploaded a video to YouTube. Honestly, I have not idea how other people do it and what programmes they are using because my process seems so laborious [...]

Social Media: Customer Service

New figures from Sticky Eyes suggest that investing in Customer Care as part of your Social Media strategy really does pay off; from my experience, I would have to agree. I also believe it's the first part of [...]

Motel – Free Delivery & Returns

Great news! Motel seem to have listened and are now offering free delivery and returns from their online store! Unfortunately the dress I wanted has sold out, but I think this is a huge improvement in their customer [...]

Hi MotelRocks.com, I'm emailing regarding your returns policy. From my understanding if I use a discount code I can not return an item for a refund. I have not bought items by Motel in a long time and [...]

The CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) registration draws to a close tomorrow for the next round of assignments and at this point people are frantically trying to get online and register so they can be lucky enough to [...]