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Digital Marketing

If you're in to Social Media, you'll have struggled to avoid discovering the Social Media meltdown that was Amy's Baking Company a few weeks ago, but if you're not busying yourself with Social Media, as often as I [...]

Facebook Offers: Available to all (UK)

I wrote a few months ago about how Facebook offers were being trialed in the UK, but you needed to have a fixed address and even then it wasn't a certainty that you'd get to to use offers. [...]

They say never meet your heroes. Apparently, you should never tweet them either. Today @cspenn (Christopher S Penn) started following my Twitter account (@Pose83). Christopher Penn is one of the guys that makes the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. [...]

Facebook Timeline for Pages

If you work in Digital Marketing and specifically Social Media, you probably know that on 30th March Facebook are imposing a change to the new timeline format for pages. While I personally don't feel that we've been given [...]


I've been reading some interesting stuff recently. Check it... Best celebrity photo-bombs courtesy of Zooey Deschanel's site Hello Giggles. Absolutely loving New Girl as well, starring Zooey! Women might be crazy by text message, but men are nuts [...]

Social Media: Big Brand, Little Brand

I think it's really tricky attempting to tackle Social Media for Financial Services or for any big brands. I feel like I kind of dodged a bullet not ending up with the Social Media job I applied for [...]

Want to know more about a certain someone? Need to track their every move? It's now getting increasingly easy to find out information about pretty much anyone without breaking the law. This doesn't make you any less weird, [...]