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Oh Sainsbury’s, we were getting on so well when we were chatting on Twitter the other week. Earlier in the week at a Sainsbury’s store in Brighton a lesbian couple were asked to leave after another customer complained about [...]

Cyber Monday: Update: More Discounts

There are still a few discounts around for today only and you still have time to bag yourself a bargain. Here they are. 3 For 2 on TIGI Gift Sets, WIN an ipad Mini + FREE YSL Gift? [...]

More faults with MotelRocks.com

Yet another road block with MotelRocks.com, the website for Motel clothing. Finally they offer free delivery and returns, though it was clarification over the return of sale and discounted good that I was really interested in. So I head [...]

H & M Online – Returns Issues

So, I bought a load of clothes on H & M online and, low and behold, I want to return a load of them. This isn't unusual, obviously with online shopping you're not trying the items on before [...]