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My Social Stance: I won’t do that!

I get contacted about Social Media jobs a lot. I get contacted about Web Analytics jobs even more. [...]

Social Media

Twitter Chat with Sainsbury’s

I’m converted! Grocery shopping is an unnecessary evil of the modern world and I’ve become increasingly infuriated with [...]

Social Media Complaints – When should you worry?

As a Digital Marketer, I dream of the day when something I do goes viral. Though some times [...]

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The Twitter Full Stop / Period – who knew?

Have you heard about the Twitter full stop or period (dependent on where you live) that can alter [...]

Social Media

The Social Salem Media Witch Trials

Well, I’m not going to get many SEO points for that title but let’s get going. Recently (November) [...]

Amy’s Baking Company: Social Media Lessons You Can Learn

If you’re in to Social Media, you’ll have struggled to avoid discovering the Social Media meltdown that was [...]

Social Media

Facebook Offers: Available to all (UK)

I wrote a few months ago about how Facebook offers were being trialed in the UK, but you [...]

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Esquire miss the point on Facebook stock valuation

I read this article on my Lufthansa flight from Singapore to Frankfurt. Esquire was one of the very [...]

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Back on YouTube: Social Media Ranting – How’s your behaviour

So, it’s been a while since I actually filmed, edited and uploaded a video to YouTube. Honestly, I [...]

RSS app for Facebook Pages: Test

Hi all, As I continue to explore Social Media and the cans and can’ts intricacies of Facebook policy, [...]