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Arriving in Malaysia

So, I’m travelling again, sort of. It’s only for a fortnight and I wish I’d written all along, but I’ll trying and catch you up in my glorious ad-hoc style. I am typing this on my iPhone and have simultaneously rammed myself in the stomach with my trolley. If the handle is not depressed the brakes come on. The handle momentarily was not depressed

We’ve just landed in Malaysia, myself  and Claire, my current travel buddy of choice and have elected to save 25RM (£5) on waiting 20mins for a taxi in the budget queue, rather than plumping for the executive queue. It’s another reminder that although we come from a comparably affluent country and earn decent money, we haven’t quite made it yet financially. Kuala Lumpur has it’s own unique and not greatly pleasant smell, not unlike many of the other places we have visited.
We’ve just lost an hour flying in from Koh Samui, Thailand, so now it’s 18:30 on 4th Sept.
We’re only here for c24hrs before heading for the sparkling pavements of Singapore.
I’ll try and keep you informed.

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