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Today was my first day in London this year, I think. I used to travel here quite a lot with work in my old job, but with my new job there have been a couple of trips to Norwich and a few to Birmingham.

As my role continues to adapt, I’ve been meeting one of our media agencies today, hence the trip, but it’s also been a good excuse to catch up with a friend from my old company.

I’d almost forgotten what a hipster looked like until I returned to London, but that little part of modern day culture is still alive and well in the nation’s capital. I feel slightly hypocritical as I have been sporting Ray Bans Wayfarers today, though shhh, they are actually Malaysian fakes, so I think I’m OK. Plus, I don’t have my top shirt button done up (I’m not wearing a button down shirt) or an ironic hairstyle, if a hairstyle can even be described as such.

It has been a while since I’ve seen such an array of ballet pumps, but even the sleekest of dressers are donning them for their commute. That’s what I always used to do; ballet pumps on Tottenham Court Road, then stilettos on Shaftesbury Ave to the office. Victoria Beckham would do the same given the choice.

Every Londonite I’ve spoken to today is still extolling the atmosphere of the Olympics. It appears that for a few short weeks it transformed the attitudes and demeanours of the citizens from rude and indifferent, to chatty and engaged. There is still a cheery afterglow here, plus some latent tourists who insist on asking me for directions at their peril. I’m pretty honest; if I can’t help them, I resist the temptation to provide them with false information, sending them off the wrong way.

To an extent, I think I can blag it as a regular or even indigenous to these parts, with my over-sized handbag and kitten heels, but I still retrieve my travel card far too soon before the tube turnstiles and I’m no longer welding an Oyster card to fool any regular London commuters that I’m adept with London transport.

This is a fantastic city and for all of my reserved cynicism, I think the Olympics was probably worth the expense particularly in (not despite) the economic climate. I love a visit here. Still not sure I could ever live here for any extended period and I think the window of opportunity for that is growing smaller all the time. Who knows though…

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