Koh Samui Airport – December 2016


I wrote this on 2/12/16 when I was on my way home from Koh Samui after a week there with my beautiful friend, Martha. I had been heavily engrossed in writing my book (41,000 words now and counting), but then the mood took me to write about something else. Often I will try and add my random notes to the book if they fit and make sense, but I’m not sure this one will get used elsewhere. Even if it does, you saw it here first.

I love travelling, whether it be to or from my holiday destination, but Koh Samui airport is stressful. The signage is confusing and the people are raucous. I’m currently waiting in departures for my flight to Bangkok before I head home via Dubai. There are screaming children; I know, not exactly novel, but a crowd of teens jostling to get ahead of me at the immigration desk and a group of adults arguing over alcohol in duty free is more than I bargained for. Even as I write this there is a couple exchanging remarks in a language I don’t understand, but a tone I am familiar with; annoyance. He keeps making jerking movements in his seat as if shaking something off his leg; again, annoyance.

There are 2 flights due to depart from my gate before mine. Find updated information on all the flights at Aerobell.com. I hope this place quietens down. Hustle and bustle is all well and good and vibrant and cultural and fun, but at times like this I do miss British stoicism and politeness; form an orderly queue, grumble in hushed tones and if need be, throw and icy stare at anyone not obeying the rules. Have to go soon, I think someone is torturing a child and, well, I’m a tourist after all, I may spectate.

With the departure of one flight brings a new horror. I have no idea which part of the orient this family are from, but they are very abrupt and loud. There appears to be a mother with her small daughter travelling with her husband as well as her mother and father. Apparently if it perfectly acceptable to watch a film, with audio and no earphones in public nowadays, or so the son-in-law seems to believe. I am too polite to scowl at him directly. Given this and the lack of fluent English speakers in the vicinity, I have deemed it perfectly appropriate to write a particularly steamy part of my book in this crowded departure lounge. I prefer to write it in bed alone or with my boyfriend next to me for logistical references, but I am hooked on this chapter and I want it written. FFS, his film has subtitles anyway, why do we need the audio and now he has started sniffing! Plus side, a good contender for the fourth Jonas brother has just sat down…oh my wandering thoughts.

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