Parking Fine: Unimpressed with Cardiff Council


This morning I discovered a parking ticket on my car! Mmm. I freely admit that should not have parked where I parked, but I came home late last night and there were no spots available within the defined parking bays. I have a parking permit, but the permitted spaces were also occupied, some by none permit holders. I don’t live on a main road. People park on the double yellows all the time and the only time anyone cares is when you park too close to them.

So, I’ve been given a £35 fine, increasing to £70 if I don’t pay it within 14 days.

I’m going to write Cardiff Council a letter.

I know they won’t cancel it, but no one cares on our road. We buy parking permits, but spaces for permit holders were taken up by non-permit holders. If the money from fines went to filling in pot holes on the road, that would be OK, but it isn’t. I just think that we’re getting hit by the dictatorship that is Cardiff Council pretty hard. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if it wasn’t for the bin issues too! We’re now being threatened with fines for not recycling enough or putting our wheelie bins out on the wrong day, wheelie bins, which the council has enforced and that we don’t all have room to store on our premises.  We pay our council tax, we pay for parking permits, we try and do the right thing with the rubbish, we act within the law, plus council gym membership has increased too. What is more is that we hardly even use any public services. We are not draining the NHS and we don’t use education (no kids), we don’t even make use of the ridiculous Welsh language (yes, I think it’s ridiculous – it’s an expense the economy can’t bear at this time).

A parking ticket is a pretty miserable way to start your day and I’m not sure who benefits. It says on my permit where I live. It would be better if the warden just knocked the door and asked me to move my car, that would solve the problem (that doesn’t actually exist). Giving me a fine doesn’t alleviate the immediate issue of my car being in the way. Plus, if I don’t park there, someone else will. It makes me feel angry at the people that park on the road in the wrong places, causing me to get a ticket, when normally I don’t care where they park as long as I can park too. It isn’t making life happier, easier or more fun for anyone. I wonder what guff they indoctrinate the traffic wardens with in order to make them believe they are contributing positively towards society. They are not! It’s a pretty devastating system for all involved.

I believe we’re all here to help each other out, improve, invent, inspire, so that everyone can achieve a bit more. That’s how society has developed and should develop. How do parking fines help with any of that?

It’s sad that the only way the council try and adapt people’s behaviour is by monetary fines. This has just led to a rather lively debate with my housemates with such comments as

You knew you shouldn’t have parked there.

You can’t park there because there are double yellow lines there. It’s the law.

Point: missed!

I think they thought my point was that I didn’t want to pay the fine. It was not. We are not supposed to park on double yellows because it blocks vision at the junction. Fining someone does not immediately solve this issue. Their car remains there until they move it. Would signage explaining why people shouldn’t park in these spots not be more beneficial? Would an understanding of the dangers involved in a person’s actions not be a better deterant? Understanding why you should or shouldn’t do something makes altering your behaviour accordingly a lot more easy to comply with.

You have to do this because it is the rules!

is a little harder to comprehend.

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  • Andy September 26, 2013, 1:31 pm

    I agree! When I get home, there isnt a free space to be had in our street, which is a mix of residential/non-residential parkin. Even though I have a permit, I have to drive for up to 30 mins looking for a spot usually hundreds of metres away from my street.

    And then they book me, even though I leave a note to say there were no spaces in my designated street.

    Even when Ive taken photos of non-permitted cars in my street, or even non-taxed vehicles, the Council ignore my appeals.

    The whole system is a sham.

    • Jo Darby December 2, 2013, 7:53 pm

      I don’t actually live in Cardiff anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they have a serious parking problem that needs addressing. Everyone knows that the central population of Cardiff is students and young professionals who live in shared houses with multiple occupants and therefore multiple cars. I’m not sure what the solution is, but ticketing everyone and not fixing pot holes won’t help.