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Hi there,

Just learned a little tip today about flight booking and I thought I’d share it. In honesty, I kind of had a suspicion this was going on.

If you go to check out flight prices on the Ryanair website and then return at a later time to book the flight, the price will almost certainly have risen, this is because, via cookie tracking, Ryanair already knows you’re interested. However, if you delete your cookies, you should be able to get the initial price and hopefully save yourself some money.

It’s a little bit cheeky really and I don’t know other instances of cookies being used in this way. I think this might be the case on other low cost airlines too, such as BMI Baby and I  definitely wouldn’t put this kind of behaviour past Easyjet either.

You can find out how to delete your cookies here and if you are travelling, you might like to consider a Halifax Clarity Credit Card too.

Happy travels. x

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  • Dave July 12, 2011, 2:14 pm

    Interestingly enough, this can also work in the opposite direction if you click on certain ‘time-limited’ ads. Say you click on something that says “£70 for today only” and don’t buy, because they have dropped a cookie and know you haven’t bought, sometimes it will drop to “£50 for today only” and even more on subsequent days to entice you to buy. The thinking is that some profit is better than none.
    Worth remembering too that sites like Quidco will drop a cookie that overrides any previous ones, so try visiting the site through Quidco to see if that makes a difference. If the cashback amount is less that you would have saved by deleting the cookies, then by all means delete the cookies.
    I’m just saying it’s not always as cut-and-dried as it appears!