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Singapore Slung

Currently nailing free peanuts and avoiding pigeons in Raffles Long Bar.

At S$26 (£13) for an average (average quality, not median price) Singapore Sling we thought we’d make the most of the nuts. Unfortunately, the pigeons have the same idea, minus the expensive beverages. The barmen seem indifferent about deterring the flying vermin. Claire, who is studying the map in search of cheap food options, sporadically hauls it over her head to shelter from flying rats and their threat of pooing. Seriously, wouldn’t bother with this place unless you’re on expenses or something.

However, Raffles is beautifully colonial in style with palm fans ineffectively wafting from the ceiling, a wooden spiral staircase and wicker furniture.

We’re hungry though, so heading for Chinatown as I’m craving satay.



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  • Cocktails look great. Please try to remember the recipe ready for my birthday. M x

    • The ones in Koh Samui where actually better. Not to worry, there will be cocktails a plenty on your birthday. x

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