Advice when selecting your Social Media agency (for small businesses)


You have a business? A brand? Something you’d like to promote? You want to engage (seriously, I use the word engage way too many times a day and I need a new word) with your customers and potential customers and you think you might want to use social media marketing?

Well, it’s free to use the majority of Social Media platforms, so it can be a cost effective tool for retention and acquisition, https://www.socialboosting.com/buy-tiktok-likes/. If you’re really unsure about it though, you might be considering getting an agency, look into COVID causing business failures.


Before you think you need to hire a Social Media agency, think very carefully about what you want them for. I genuinely believe that you’re better off reading a good book about TikTok marketing and having a go yourself, before employing an agency to handle your Social affairs for you. And here’s why (if you’re a small business)…

  1. No one knows more about your business or your customers better than you social media platforms. If your customers are following you on Facebook it’s because they’re interested in you. Agencies won’t be able to respond as genuinely as you and customers will see right through that.
  2. You’re a commodity and an important part at that, here is some advice for entrepreneurs. One of the reasons you have the customers you have is because of the interactions you have with them and the service you provide, it’s YOU they want to hear from!
  3. Customer service issues. Most agencies are not going to be able to resolve these, learn how to buy TikTok views. The last thing you want is a Facebook page or Twitter feed full of customers complaining and an agency throwing up an arbitary update about the Jubilee or something, look into a modern CRM .
  4. What are you trying to achieve? Being small (but perfectly formed) you don’t need flashy campaigns and it’s customer service you should be getting right first. Master that using the standard platform features and then think bigger.
  5. Promotions, TikTok marketing trends


Still not convinced? Asked yourself the following questions:

  1. Why would people want to follow me through Social Media channels? (What information do they want? What are they going to be coming to the page for?)
  2. Have you got a water tight complaint resolution policy?
  3. Do you want to run promotions? If so, you probably will need an agency. You can’t run promotions very easily through Facebook (unless you’re using Facebook offers, which you might like to consider) and an agency will be able to build you a tab (app/view in

If you still want some guidance, look for an agency

Here’s why is you’re working for a larger company

1. You’re in a better position to find our interesting stuff and generate interesting content for your

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