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Bad Day

NB: This post was written prior to the previous Boxercise post

The day didn’t start well with my housemate leaving for another stint in Abu Dhabi at 4:20am. I’ve hardly seen him in the 3 weeks since he first returned on account of being in London quite a lot and him being busy catching up with everyone, which is kind of rubbish. Anyway, my bedroom is on the ground floor at the front of my house, so I heard the latch click as he left.

I hit snooze about 5 times this morning. I had the intention of cycling in to work, but apathy got the better of me and I stayed in bed and opted to drive instead. Annoyingly the weather is lush today and I would have totally topped up my vitamin D levels. Tomorrow. I will cycle to work tomorrow!

No sooner had I got in to work, I had laddered my tights, though walking round the office bare-legged feels strangely liberating. Moments after this, I arrived at my desk to have my boss inform me that I was famous. Sure enough, when I logged on to my computer, there were 3 emails from different people and with varying distribution lists to inform me and all other recipients that there was a photo of me on the intranet. I prefer to control my own publicity.

After that I dialled in late to a 9am call. Who had a 9am call on a Monday morning? Vicious.

The day’s been pretty much OK from then until now, but it’s boxercise tonight and that is lethal!


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  • Punch out your frustrations… Did wonders for Klitchko!! X

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