Hangover Day


Thursday 29th September

Today was a hangover day. Yesterday was volunteering day. Oh, what will tomorrow hold?

Cat on toilet

I’ve found the best cure for hangovers is staying in bed all day watching One Tree Hill, Scrubs or more recently, Franklin & Bash. Failing that, a banana and a pint of half diet coke and half water.

However, being the disorganised mid-week drinker that I am, I had neither banana or diet coke. So I knocked back a Berocca and headed for work.

If I don’t get the option to remain in bed all day, I let myself pretty much eat what I want. I needed to be in work today, my boss gets kind of funny about me not turning up, so I ate some toast and then headed in. There was a lot of food left over from the volunteering day yesterday and every time I walked passed the table with the food on I had something. It was a pretty carb heavy day:

  • 2 x welsh cakes
  • 1 x penguin
  • 1 x bag of steak McCoys crisps
  • 2 x  apples
  • 2 x tiny box of raisins
  • 1 x 2 days passed use by date moussaka veg pot
  • 2 x cheese and onion rolls
  • 1/2 can Oxtail soup (that stuff is a poor man’s beef soup, why did they discontinue the beef soup?)
  • There was also a lot of coffee…

I’m kind of lucky in that I don’t get awful hangovers (unless I’ve eaten nasty take away pizza, with a load of cheap cheese on it to compliment the booze). Today, I’m just tired with this pleasant woozy feeling, that I enjoy a lot more when I’m not sat in an open plan office trying to understand some new product deployment process.

There was a definitely plan to go to the gym today too. It’s not going to happen.

How do your hangovers play out? What are your hangover cures?

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