New Look: New Season


I remember shopping at New Look when I was in my teens. They had different branding then and were kind of a budget brand, but now, I think they’ve really turned things around. While I still think they’re still reasonably priced, they offer value for money now rather than being a bit cheap and tacky. I really think they are up there now as one of the best on the high street in terms of translating fashion from the runway to the highstreet.

Though, there is one thing that’s really bugging me about their website. New Look, stop showing me clothes you’re not selling online yet! Like this, look, I want that blouse on the right.

New Look New Season

New Look: I want your clothes

Anyway, they’re showcasing their new season online now and I’m really enjoying it. There key theme seems to be ‘modernity,’ which is full of block autumnal colours and geometric prints. There’s a lot of sheer fabrics and separates, which I’m going to try more of moving in to the cooler months, rather than dresses. I’m lovin’ the shorts with tights look. I think it’s practical without being boring.

Anyway, check it out…

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