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My brother gets married a month tomorrow, cue lots of posts on wedding fashions. I’m wearing a dress that I already own and have only worn it once. It’s navy, with ruching in all the right places and hangs perfectly. It was only £40, but looks like it’s worth more.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about accessories. As I’m wearing a simple dress and I haven’t spent any money on it (existing dress = sunk cost), I thought I could splash out a bit on accessories. My housemate insisted I had a look on Glitzy Secrets*, so I did. Apparently they do some of the jewellery for Strictly Come Dancing. They sell sparkly costume jewellery and I was worried it would be cheap and too shiny, but it’s really tasteful on the whole.

I’m going to get these earrings, but I’m not sure how I’m having my hair, so I don’t know whether to get a comb, pins or a clip. I generally hate wearing my hair up though, so I’m thinking of a clipping my hair back on one side and having some loose curls. Any suggestions?

Glitzy Secrets Earrings
*This is NOT a sponsored link

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