6 Alternative Weight Loss Tips That You Might Not Have Tried


I’m at the start of my 6 week body transformation programme and I’m nervous. The intensity and frequency of exercise (30 solid minutes at least 3 times per week) is scary, as are the menu options. However, I’ve devised a few methods to keep me on track to losing weight and you might like to try them too.

1. ‘No’ To The Hand

Bizarrely, I first pioneered this technique in my life when I was a teenager to avoid doing stupid things (or people) that I would regret. I remember one particular catastrophic incident that I evaded and I put it down to this. I had written ‘no’ on the inside of my wrist. I didn’t even need to look at it most of the time but knowing it was there, having that visual cue was enough to reign me in. Now I apply it to eating the wrong food and procrastinating. It reminds me that I should not be eating that donut, cake or cookies. I’m happier to walk around with ‘no’ written on me, than the guilt and weight of too many unnecessary snacks hanging on my hips.

2. Write Down Everything You Don’t Eat

You’ve probably heard the tip ‘write down everything you eat.’ Well that’s all well and good, if a little tedious and laborious, but, when you tot it all up at the end of the day you might just find yourself a little more impressed with the temptation you managed to resist. Sure, I can eat a healthy green salad with a suitable amount of protein for lunch (isagenix e shot in my case), but if I don’t resist that sugary pastry that Janet from Finance brought in to celebrate her birthday then who cares? My scales sure as hell don’t.

I can easily pretend I didn’t snaffle 3 chocolate fingers or I can feel proud about definitely not going anywhere near them. So write down that naughty things you avoid and chalk up every little victory.

If you are considering using supplements, then make sure to buy them from a Herbal store rather than using various other chemical induced products.

3. Hydration

If you have the kind of hand to mouth fidgeting I have, a drinks bottle can be the perfect way to satiate the need to have something in your mouth. No matter what your diet, you’re always allowed water, so drink it and then drink some more. Water also fills you up, so try and get in the habit of drinking a pint or so before each meal and you’ll find you eat less and/or feel fuller for longer. You’ll also get up to pee more, so you’re burning more calories that way too. Consider doing 10 squats each time you go to the bathroom too.

4. Sniffing

I’ll admit that this is an odd one, but luckily my colleagues at work have humoured me.   Not wanting to eat chocolate, cake or biscuits, but still wanting get my fix, I have resorted to requesting my colleagues if I can sniff their empty food wrappers. Strange? Yes. Satisfying? Strangely, yes.

The-Great-British-Bake-Of-0085. TV Cake Bake Fix

The Great British Bake Off is on at the moment and you might think it would tip me over the edge of temptation, but I found that watch TGBBO gave me a cake fix without the calories. Sometimes just looking at a deliciously crafted biscuit is all you need.

6. Minty Freshness

We all know that eating after brushing your teeth is a little grim. Brush your teeth earlier in the evening then don’t eat afterwards. Chew minty gym in the day. Drink peppermint tea. All these things will stop you putting actual calories in your face.

If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear them.


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