Day 1: The Seminar – Fit Body Boot Camp Birmingham


Fit-Body-Boot-Camp-LogoI’ve made the decision to join Fit Body Boot Camp, Birmingham. I was persuaded to do this by the partner of a friend of my boyfriend. Her brother runs the boot camp (are you keeping up) and she does the Marketing.

The anticipated results are impressive; I’ve read between 12-24 lbs lost over the period of the 6 week transformation programme. Though you can apparently achieve results near the lower end of that span doing Slimming World or Weight Watchers, I didn’t.

Today was my day 1 and the seminar to start the programme. I made my day 1 a Sunday so that I could have my cheat meal with my boyfriend on a Saturday, rather than a Sunday evening.

The seminar was really good. It focused initially on why we wanted to lose weight, our own personal reasons. I will write another post about that, as I need to get them all down, but we didn’t share them at the seminar. Then we looked at why we failed to lose weight, the excuses we make, the barriers we put in the way. My top ones were:

  1. Poor sleep patterns – making me too tired
  2. My social live – I love eating out and drinking with my friends
  3. Time – lack of, zapped by work, commuting and all the other stuff I get up to when I get home, like blogging
  4. I’m trying to sell cocktails on the side – this means I need to make cocktails on the side. Annoyingly, alcohol ain’t so good for the waistline
  5. I reward myself with or make justifications for eating bad food!

So there are all my excuses. Having them written down makes me more aware of them and means that I have to stop using them. My social life is dead (until Saturday’s cheat meal at least), I’ll attempt going to bed earlier and I’ll try and find different rewards to food, which could be tricky as I’ve banned myself from buying new clothes for the next 12 months, which is a completely separate challenge for a completely different reason.

After this we had to identify someone that was holding us back in terms of weight loss; this is my boyfriend, and ¬†someone that we feel will always support us; I picked my mum. Now, my boyfriend is not a bad person. If he was, he would not be my boyfriend, but he does set a bad example when it comes to healthy leaving. He was in the army so he has a pretty good base to work from, plus he’s on his feet all day with work, I am sat in an office. He can eat pizza and drink beer and develop the smallest of bellies and lose it in a few days with a few kilometres of running. I can eat a crumb of cake and balloon. This is frustrating to say the least. We both enjoy drinking and eating out and this has led me down a treacherous path to weight gain. I will need him to help not hinder, but I can and will talk to him and I’m sure he will try and help.

My mum on the other hand has been supportive of almost everything I’ve ever wanted to do and I’m sure she will back me up on this.

What followed was then more nutritional information, which you can find out about as I go along. As well as some rules.

  • I have to stick to the meal plan
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • 3 Boot Camp training sessions per week
  • Coconut oil in pretty much everything

Oh and I made this little video if you’d like to know a bit more (but mostly the same stuff in video form)

Let’s see how this pans out…

Stay tuned.



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