Day 2: Kind of a Mess – Fit Body Boot Camp Birmingham


Fit-Body-Boot-Camp-LogoToday was a mess.


I’m awake and I’m hungry. Ergh!


Right, I’ve just made my breakfast of smoked salmon omelette (2 eggs) with spinach and chucked it in this funky pot which should keep it warm until I get to work.


In work and it’s breakfast time. I have some coffee made with coconut milk (no dairy allowed), which actually tastes OK. Better do some work.


Right, going on a little walk now. Need to get my steps up to 10,000 so need to make a good dent in this right now.


Back at work and eating lunch of chicken, egg and avocado salad, no tomatoes because they are too carby! Boo hiss boo. Nevermind.


I feel wiped out, really starting to struggle. Have been advised that I can have some fruit if I feel faint, but will head down the caffeine route instead. Bought some coconut oil at lunch time and apparently it’s good in coffee.


Tried the coconut oil in black coffee and it just kind of sat on the top. I really do need to blend it as advised. Was dubious about the blending thing but someone in the Facebook group tried it and it looks like a latte, so worth a go. Poured away that coffee and made another with coconut milk. It was fine and totally helped.


Meeting over ran so now I am going to have to attempt to get changed in the car! I have a headache, I feel rubbish, but I know this needs to be done.


Made it and parked up  with plenty of time. Only trouble is that I’ve made a half attempt at getting changed en route and now I’m kind of committed. How am I going to get this lycra on without flashing my pants to the world?


Work out over and back in the car, on my way home. I could describe how all over the place I am, but this video illustrates perfectly


I’m home, I’ve cooked, I’m prepped for tomorrow and I’m just going to lie on the sofa and watch TV. My head hurts and I’m so sleepy. No work out tomorrow though.

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